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Connecting students and experts to make global economic regulation work for everyone.


Seeking to foster the next generation of international law practitioners

TradeLab is a network of legal clinics and practica that brings together students, academics, and legal practitioners from all over the world to tackle international economic regulatory challenges.

Our Goals:

  • To give students a valuable “hands-on” learning experience by addressing real world problems
  • To empower beneficiaries—especially smaller stakeholders from developing countries—to reap the full benefits of the global economic regime
  • To democratize expertise and promote sustainable economic development
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    All projects prepared and published by TradeLab law clinics and practica are done on a pro bono basis by students for research purposes only. The projects are pedagogical exercises to train students in the practice of international economic law, and they do not reflect the opinions of TradeLab and/or the academic institutions affiliated to TradeLab. The projects do not in any way constitute legal advice and do not, in any manner, create an attorney-client relationship. The project cannot, in any way, and at any time, bind, or lead to any form of liability or responsibility for the clinic participants, participating academic institutions, or TradeLab.