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Providing a dynamic, international learning environment for students to develop legal skills

2018 TradeLab students receiving advice on their project from Prof David Gantz

Why TradeLab?

Since the inception of TradeLab, we have trained over 900 students from countries all over the world. In that time, TradeLab students have produced over 300 unique projects for almost as many beneficiaries.

We have grown from just a one clinic to a network of 15 members and 3 pilot clinics spread worldwide. Some of our alumni have even returned to TradeLab to serve as expert mentors, beneficiaries, or clinic supervisors.

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Early TradeLab Leadership

TradeLab acknowledges the invaluable contributions of its pioneering leaders, who have been fundamental in shaping the organization.

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What makes TradeLab unique?

  • High Quality: Over the course of a semester, students work with beneficiaries, academic supervisors, and expert mentors to deliver superlative advice and analysis
  • Accessibility: Beneficiaries receive pro bono output from TradeLab clinics and can opt to share the results of the project so that others can benefit
  • Beyond law: In clinics, students also explore economic and public policy, legislative drafting, and interagency coordination

Welcome to TradeLab

Find out what TradeLab does and how it helps law students and stakeholders around the world

How TradeLab can Help

The TradeLab network can assist with a variety of international economic law projects, including:

  • Research and analysis for treaty negotiations
  • Compliance assessment of domestic or foreign laws
  • Compliance assessment of proposed or existing legislation
  • Drafting model legislation
  • Drafting advocacy positions in the context of existing agreements on trade and investment
  • Assessment of legal claims or defense strategies
  • Writing of party submissions and legal memoranda
  • Preparation of amicus curiae briefs
  • Legal and economic research on cutting-edge trade or investment law questions
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TradeLab Coordinators Over the Years

TradeLab is grateful for all the work undertaken by our past and present TradeLab Coordinators.