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P1140854 1Our 10th Anniversary Celebration, held on September 13th at the WTO Public Forum was well attended by TradeLab supervisors, students, beneficiaries, and supporters. The TradeLab organization quintessentially embodies this year’s Public Forum theme—“It is time for action.” There is no better action for promoting fair and equitable international trade than the hands-on work that our students are doing, globally, each semester.

Joost Pauwelyn, co-founder and former president, spoke about TradeLab’s founding years.

Joost Reception

Katrin Kuhlmann, TradeLab’s newly elected co-President, spoke about TradeLab’s success stories and a vision for the future.

katrin reception

Clotilde du Parc, a sponsor from VBB, spoke about the importance of global support and sponsorship for TradeLab.

sponsor reception

And Jennifer Hillman, a supervisor at Georgetown University, spoke about TradeLab’s mission and students.

Jennifer Reception

We also heard from a number of TradeLab supervisors in attendance, who spoke briefly about their students and clinics. It was exciting to see supervisors and students gather in person, many meeting for the first time since the pandemic.

Reception 1Reception 2