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PXL 20230915 100353943.NIGHTA transformative milestone unfolded as four TradeLab students actively participated in the 2023 WTO Public Forum. Maathangi Hariharan from the Graduate Institute, Joan Lim from Georgetown University, Hugh Jones from Queen’s University, and Nicole Isis de Ayub from the University of Sao Paulo formed a dynamic panel titled “Empowering the Youth & Marginalized: Green Trade for Development.” Dr. Nicolas Lamp, a Professor at Queen’s University, moderated the insightful discussion.


PXL 20230915 090531170The panel showcased the students’ in-depth exploration of the pivotal role of inclusive trade policies in advancing green trade practices and empowering marginalized communities. Drawing on tangible projects conducted under the TradeLab framework, our students aimed to inspire stakeholders to adopt trade policies that promote equity and sustainability within the multilateral trading system.


WTO public forum 2